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Super Munchkin

Super Munchkin

I just had a super evening, playing Super Munchkin at the Fredericton Science Fiction Society‘s informal Monday night Gathering. We had a blast! We had to finish early as Tingley’s was closing for the evening, but Patricia was definitely in the lead.

My other geeky hobby of late has been customizing my Windows interface. (Lifehacker is a bad influence.) I started off simply patching my uxtheme.dll to use an unsigned Windows theme, but then drifted off into the joys of RocketDock and Rainlendar. Now, I’m running Object Desktop and having a blast.


Happiness is …

Feeding Little Goat at the FREX

Feeding Little Goat at the FREX

I ♥ LibraryThing

Is it a sign that I have too many books … or not enough? I realized all over again why I love and need social cataloguing site LibraryThing.

I read a fanfic set in Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan Saga last week and consequentially have been re-reading the original books. I was shuffling through my bookcases the last couple of days trying to find my copy of Diplomatic Immunity. After having no luck, it finally occurred to me to wonder: do I even have a copy of Diplomatic Immunity? After checking LibraryThing, it turns out that, in fact, I don’t. At least LibraryThing has saved me from digging through the rest of my bookshelves 🙂

[Edit: I’m not crazy after all: I do have Diplomatic Immunity, but as a WebScription, not in print. Maybe I should add those to my LibraryThing account …]

Winston’s HISSY fit …

Everybody’s favourite smooshed-faced cat is feeling a bit cranky!

The Playhouse Season

I’ve been having a look at the season at The Playhouse, so that Patricia and I can coordinate which performances we will be attending.

It looks like a fabulous season! I’m especially interested in:

Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince trailer

The first trailer is out for Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince.

Happiness is … (Unshelved)

I definitely agree with Tamara!

Happiness is ...

Happiness is ...

From: Unshelved.