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Nerd Score

Via Lynn:

NerdTests.com says I'm an Uber Cool High Nerd.  Click here to take the Nerd Test, get geeky images and jokes, and write on the nerd forum!


Cardio and Other Happy-Making Things

Earlier this evening, I was feeling down, so I went to the gym for a cardio workout. I find that works pretty darn good as a pick-me-up. It worked! When I first signed up for a year’s membership, that was what I was looking for. It was funny: during the orientation, the trainer asked what I wanted out of the experience: weight loss, strength training … Do you know, she had to enter “stress relief” as a write in? That amazed me 🙂

Other things work well as pick-me-ups, too:

  • Apples, especially Royal Gala apples
  • Ginger chews from The Ginger People (I’d love to try their new coffee flavor, but I haven’t seen those locally yet.)
  • Great Big Sea‘s Walk on the Moon, as loud as possible:

Don’t you think their hands were shaking as that rocket ship touched down?
I’m sure they shivered when they finally touched the ground.
And the giant leap so fragile that it hardly made a sound…
But it must have been amazing what a world they got to see.
So I don’t care, my foolish fear won’t get the best of me now

I’m alive, I’ve got one shot and I’m taking it to you.
I’m alive, I’ve come to realize not a moment too soon
That this is my one small step, this is my walk on the moon.
This is my walk on the moon.