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Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning (TV movie)

The new Anne

The "new" Anne

If I ever knew it, I forgot it, but did you know that a new TV movie is being made in the ‘Anne of Green Gables’ franchise? Like the book I mentioned below, it is a prequel focusing on Anne Shirley’s life before arriving at Green Gables.

Is that little redhead not adorable? According to Wikipedia, her name is Hannah Endicott-Douglas.

On an only tangentially related topic, did you notice the format of the webpage linked to above? Apparently, they are called ‘lenses’ and are created and maintained by ‘lensmasters’, and the goal is to gather, on a single page, all the most relevant information about a single topic. They seem to function somewhat the way that pathfinders do in the library field. Who knew? Having spent part of my day brushing up on my French techno vocabulary–and did you know that the French for podcast is balado?–it’s a little demoralizing to realize there are whole new formats out there of which I’ve never heard. And on a more positive note, yay!, there are whole new formats out there to discover!

But given the way I bounce from topic to topic, wouldn’t you agree that blogs are much more my thing? 🙂