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I ♥ LibraryThing

Is it a sign that I have too many books … or not enough? I realized all over again why I love and need social cataloguing site LibraryThing.

I read a fanfic set in Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan Saga last week and consequentially have been re-reading the original books. I was shuffling through my bookcases the last couple of days trying to find my copy of Diplomatic Immunity. After having no luck, it finally occurred to me to wonder: do I even have a copy of Diplomatic Immunity? After checking LibraryThing, it turns out that, in fact, I don’t. At least LibraryThing has saved me from digging through the rest of my bookshelves 🙂

[Edit: I’m not crazy after all: I do have Diplomatic Immunity, but as a WebScription, not in print. Maybe I should add those to my LibraryThing account …]